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Private Studio lessons are available on acoustic or electric bass.

45 minute to one hour sessions.

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Lesson Overview

Overall I tailor lessons to each students' needs, abilities, and practice time. Both acoustic and electric bass lessons are offered. The styles that can be covered are jazz, classical, blues, rock, and R&B. Styles are covered according o the student's desires: jazz, classical, blues, rock, R&B.

For beginning students on acoustic or electric we will start with a classical method book to learn form, technique, and the finger board. Also included will be rudimentary tirade and rhythmic studies. The blues form and simple blues bass lines will also be introduced.

For intermediate students of all styles we will continue classical studies. There will be more work on intonation, accuracy, and further arpeggio and rhythmic studies. Jazz students will have further blues studies and also learn how to create jazz bass lines using other song forms (standards, rhythm changes, etc.). Classical students will be introduced to middle level sonatas, bass pieces, and suites along with bowing studies and etudes.

For advanced students of all styles we will play more demanding etudes. Classical students will have continued work on intonation and fingerboard accuracy along with playing bass concertos and more advanced sonatas. We will also cover the more difficult orchestra excerpts in the repertoire. Jazz students will continue with walking bass studies as well as improvising and  learning how to work within the rhythm section. Rock and R&B students will work with classic rock and R&B bass lines from influential songs from each genre.

Student Honors

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