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From the liner notes of "Cut to the Chase" - Nadine Chase

Jazz vocalist Nadine Chase proudly debuts her first CD, "CUT TO THE CHASE." Get on board with what fans are already acclaiming is an elegant showcase of smooth, sophisticated jazz standards that include "You Go To My Head," "Blue Moon," a finger-snapping rendition of "Secret Love," and the original title tune, "Cut To The Chase." With absolutely outstanding guitar accompaniment by John Baboian (this guy's amazing!) the distinctive style of Mark Pucci on bass (listen to the splendid blend of vocals and bass on "I'm In the Mood for Love) and the impeccable complimentary playing of Gordon Grottenthaler on drums, this CD is a must for your collection. Nadine Chase has a soft and sultry sound that invites you to kick-back, put another log on the fire, and drift into the silky images she creates with her voice.


eJazzNews.com CD Reviews: Ann Austin '' Lost In Your Eyes''

by George W. Carroll, posted on ejazz.news.com

First, it's always nostalgic to review an artist from my roots. And, seeing the name Peter Kontrimos, a bass player extraordinaire as well as consummate recording engineer, (& my friend too!).............And, the nice moments I remember playing keyboard with bass colossus, Mark Pucci.........Makes the whole process of writing this review a study in warmth.

So, on to the frosting.........Vocalist, Ann Austin!! This is essential listening for those concerned in capturing the rich & varied strains of both insightful & introspective tunes within The American Songbook. Therefore, I relegate my readers to Ann's wonderful & poignant original, ''I Can't Erase You From My Heart.'' I sense here a song written as an autobiography, but I feel Ann catches succinctly the heartache some of us have felt about lost love, etc. Austin's vocal earthiness is a fine counterpoint to her sidemen, (under the capable hands of keyboard giant John Harrisson 111).............All these musical craftsmen Back her up with great balance, variety, animation, & dash. Massachusetts does it again!!

George W. Carroll/The Musicians' Ombudsman